The First International LAMS Conference: Designing the Future of Learning

Conference Themes


The main theme for the 2008 3rd International LAMS & Learning Design Conference was Perspectives on Learning Design.

What is Learning Design? This conference explored all aspects of Learning Design. How is Learning Design being used in the practical sense? What tools, pedagogies, teaching and learning strategies have been effective with Learning Design? Where does LAMS fit within the new models? What can experience with Learning Design tell us about teaching and learning? What are the challenges for individuals and organisations? Where will Learning Design standards take us now? What can we learn from efforts to create generic learning designs?

During the conference there was many opportunities to share lessons learnt with Learning Design and LAMS from all educational sectors. While this conference focussed on the use of LAMS, we also saw examples of other approaches to Learning Design.

Sub Themes

  • Transforming student learning with Learning Design
  • Learning Design, design for learning and other theoretical approaches
  • Learning Design for innovative pedagogies
  • Using Learning Design for strategic change in education
  • Sharing and reuse - barriers and questions of practice
  • Teacher Educators and Learning Design
  • Learning Design and the library of the future
  • Future directions of Learning Design
  • Technical standards, architecture and tools
  • Open source and open design?
  • Lessons learnt from K-12



6th - 8th December 2006, Sydney Australia